What’s next for Sweden?

The Swedish government is looking at the possibility of giving a trade aid package worth 2.5 billion kronor ($3.1 billion) to help feed a growing population, Swedish media reported Wednesday.The proposal is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at addressing the country’s growing population crisis.Sweden is among the European Union countries that have […]

What’s the Deal with China’s Food Trade?

When it comes to the world’s largest food market, the Philippines, the United States has been the only major country to continue the long-standing practice of exporting a great deal of its produce.In fact, the country has grown to become one of the top food exporters in the world, accounting for over a quarter of […]

Filipinos are ‘losing their appetite’ in food, trade magazine says

PASADENA, Philippines — Philippines are “losing our appetite” in food and are considering changing their eating habits, according to a trade magazine.The trade magazine Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported on Tuesday that there is a shortage of rice and other food items that feed livestock, but the food will not be available for sale.“Food […]

How to be an effective trader in India

In the age of social media, a big part of the food industry is about getting information from trusted sources.But how do you know if someone is trustworthy?And how do we know if a trade agreement is good for our business?That’s the challenge facing trade negotiator Sam Dutta as he sets out on his journey […]

How to get your product in whole foods and trader joe’s

The last time you visited the Trader Joe’s food trade expos, you were probably thinking about how much you’d missed out on the fresh fruits and vegetables that the brand has grown to love in the United States.The brand’s founder and chief executive, Andrew Miller, says that when he was in the US in 2009, […]

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