How to trade food: Food trade awards 2018

By Tom Hester and Chris Herring, Bleacher NewsAs the 2018 Food Trade Awards take place, the most important commodity of the year is food, which makes for an easy target for traders and producers.The event, hosted by the Australian Institute of Food and Agriculture, showcases the latest advances in food production, distribution, and marketing.The AIFA […]

Why the food trade trade is still a very niche market

A new report by the Food Trade Magazine has revealed a lot of the food industry is still struggling to make a profit and a lot more people are out there hungry.Food Trade Magazine’s report, Food Supply, was published on Monday.It reveals that food trade is a relatively new market with an average volume of […]

U.S. Food Recall: A $1.2 Billion Win for Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a recall for more than one billion servings of peanut butter and jelly from U.K. supermarkets.The recall affects more than 6,000 stores across the U.E., Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Portugal and Austria.The FDA says the recall is due to a food-contact contamination of a peanut butter […]

How a food trade award is helping to change the face of agriculture

Food trade awards are now a big deal.They’re not just the Oscars of agriculture.They’ve transformed the way farmers see their industry, and they’re helping to turn the spotlight on the way we eat our food.In fact, the award is so well-received that it’s already inspired a film about food, the movie Food.The Oscar has inspired […]

Mexican food trade awards trade group wins trade protection

Mexican food traders say they have won a trade protection from the Trump administration that could mean the end of their lucrative food trade with the United States.The trade group, the Mexican Association of Food Traders, announced Friday that it has won a court ruling that the Department of Commerce’s proposed rulemaking on trade agreements […]

The Best and Worst of Food Trade Awards 2016

Posted February 17, 2018 12:28:46Food Trade Awards are a yearly competition to highlight the best and worst of food trade agreements that have been implemented in the last five years.In 2016, the food trade competition was judged on how well it reflected the world we live in.It was the largest and most prestigious food trade […]

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