How to buy food without paying slave wages

The trade in slave labor is an international trade.And the United States is the world’s largest importer.It’s estimated that as many as 60 million Americans work as slaves in the United Nations and other countries.A study by the University of California at Berkeley estimated that the U.S. lost $10.8 billion in international slave trade last […]

India’s Prime Minister says he is ‘optimistic’ about the trade relationship with the US

India’s prime minister said on Friday that he expects the two countries to be able to resume trade ties after the US-India nuclear deal.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a speech in New Delhi that he hopes the two sides can resume normal trade and economic ties as soon as possible.He said he had been […]

How to make food in your kitchen: 5 tips

By The Associated Press Food is a major part of the American diet, and it is a key factor in our country’s economic and social well-being.It is also the number one source of greenhouse gases in the United States.So what are you supposed to do if you don’t have food?Here are five simple and easy […]

How you can help help the food-safety sector get more of its funds through direct trade

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has set an April 30 deadline for developing a global food safety system that would allow food-processing companies to share data with each other.The agency is asking the industry to come up with a proposal by June 30 to help the UN fund the program, which aims to […]

Why it’s so important for Americans to buy locally

What does it mean to buy “local” food?What’s in it for you?And how do you buy local food when it’s a bit more complicated than buying at a supermarket?We spoke with food industry experts, consumers and policymakers about buying locally and how they can make informed choices about food.Food & Farm News:Food and Farm News […]

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