‘You can’t blame the animals’: What food industry experts say about the ban

When you buy a meal, it’s a simple transaction between two people.But when a company sells food, it has a different set of rules.The first rule is that if the buyer is in a food-producing country, the seller must provide food at no more than one-third of its retail price.The second is that it has […]

When trading your food with the internet: The food blogosphere

title How to trade your food on the internet, without the fear of losing it article title 4 ways to trade food on eBay without leaving the house article title 9 tips to trading on eBay article title A guide to the best online auctions for your food needs article title Can you use Google […]

How to buy cheap food on the street in the UK

In London, the food market is dominated by two big players: multinational supermarket giants Aldi and Sainsbury’s.But the country’s second largest supermarket, Aldi, has been accused of under-reporting its sales of cheap food in the past.The Irish Times has been tracking Aldi’s UK food sales for two years.Its latest report, published on Tuesday, shows the […]

‘Food is the answer’: Food companies, unions rally for Food-Free Zone law

NEW YORK — Food companies, labor unions and food service providers have rallied to urge Congress to pass a new food-trade licensing law that would help fight the scourge of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.The food industry and trade groups on Monday called for the Food and Drug Administration to approve the Food Labeling and Labeling Improvement Act […]

Mexican food trade awards trade group wins trade protection

Mexican food traders say they have won a trade protection from the Trump administration that could mean the end of their lucrative food trade with the United States.The trade group, the Mexican Association of Food Traders, announced Friday that it has won a court ruling that the Department of Commerce’s proposed rulemaking on trade agreements […]

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