How to buy food without paying slave wages

The trade in slave labor is an international trade.And the United States is the world’s largest importer.It’s estimated that as many as 60 million Americans work as slaves in the United Nations and other countries.A study by the University of California at Berkeley estimated that the U.S. lost $10.8 billion in international slave trade last […]

What’s next for Sweden?

The Swedish government is looking at the possibility of giving a trade aid package worth 2.5 billion kronor ($3.1 billion) to help feed a growing population, Swedish media reported Wednesday.The proposal is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at addressing the country’s growing population crisis.Sweden is among the European Union countries that have […]

Food Trade Magazine Definition: Food,food,trade magazine

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‘The food trade is more important than ever’: International Food Trade Association

More than half the food products that cross borders are imported, according to an annual report by the International Food Industry Association.The report, published this week, shows that the total volume of goods traded is on track to grow by 25% to 29% annually by 2020.The IFA, an industry trade group, has been warning for […]

How to Keep Your Trade Secrets in the Dark

The Food and Drug Administration has been quietly working to protect trade secrets.And, as of March 20, the agency has released a new rule that says companies are supposed to “take reasonable steps to protect confidential information and proprietary information.”In the United States, that means it should not be shared with third parties, but it […]

How to shop for a trendy pair of socks

We all know that the trend for new apparel and accessories is the most interesting thing to watch in the world.But it’s not just the clothes we wear, but how we dress and what we put on our bodies.But what about what we don’t wear?Well, in the digital age, that’s not the case.While there’s still […]

“Boomerang” is a real-life food event!

“Bounce” is an annual celebration that celebrates food and beer.Participants celebrate with friends and families at breweries, pubs, restaurants, and even some of the biggest sports events of the year.The event, which took place in Boston in 2016, brought together thousands of beer enthusiasts and food lovers from around the world to celebrate and share […]

How India will use food trade deals

India will start negotiations with the WTO on trade agreements that would allow it to sell its own products to a wider range of countries, Trade Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Thursday.The announcement came days after President Donald Trump ordered a review of the global trade agreement with the United States, which the United Nations […]

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