This is the second time in two weeks that a prominent Irish whiskey trade publication has published a controversial report.

This time, the Independent has published the first edition of its Whiskey Trader’s Guide, a guide that is being described as the “gold standard” of whiskey trade reports.

The Independent’s Whiskey Tracker, which is based on the Insider Whiskey Trade Report, which has been published for a year, is a report which has become increasingly influential among the whiskey industry.

In the guide, the publication details the whiskey trade’s top-ranking whiskeys, their distilleries and how it is done.

It also has a section on how it works to sell whiskey, and it has a list of the “top 10 brands” of whiskeys.

The Insider WhisperTrade Report, published in April this year, was widely condemned by the whiskey-focused trade publication.

The Independent’s report included a section entitled “10 of the Top 10 Whiskey Brands”, which outlined the most expensive brands of whiskey.

In a statement to the Irish Independent, an Insider Whisperer said that the publication “deliberately ignored any advice that the WhisperTraderGuide is a legitimate source of information”.

In the latest edition of the WhiskeyTracker, the authors of the guide have now issued a statement that reads: “It is unacceptable for Insider Whisporters to have a claim that the Insider WhisperTrade is the gold standard of whisky trade reports when they have no proof whatsoever of this.”

It also added: “Whiskey Trader is aware that the Independent’s website has published two editions of the Insider’s Whisper Trader’sGuide.

Both of these editions have been published in the past and were subsequently removed from the website.

This issue has been resolved.”

In a separate statement to Irish Independent newspaper, WhiskeyTrader, the Irish Whisperers Association said that it was “shocked and appalled” by the InsiderWhisperTracker, which the publication had published in January this year.

The association added that it did not understand how an InsiderWhiskerGuide report could be so controversial.

Whiskeys that are sold in Scotland and Ireland are traditionally grown on small estates and in the countryside, so there is little need for marketing.

The Whiskey Traders Association said: “The WhiskeyTradeGuide does not provide an accurate picture of the quality of the whiskies sold in these markets and the Whispeers Association believes that the information it provides is not credible.”

Whisperers are the key stakeholders in the whisky industry and have a direct stake in the industry.

This year, Whispereters Association chairman Simon O’Brien said that he hoped that the “disrespect” towards the WhisporterGuide report was behind the publication of the latest InsiderWhistleTrader.

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