Food traders have applied for a permit to operate in the Philippines, as a result of the country’s latest outbreak of foodborne illness.

The new permits, which were approved by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DOTI), will allow food traders to trade in foodstuffs that are subject to the countrys strict food safety rules, and to market their products on Philippine websites.

The permits will apply to both imported and domestic products.

Food traders are also permitted to sell food products in markets under their control, under certain circumstances.

The Philippines is currently under a quarantine for its largest food exporter, China.

The Philippines has been under a strict quarantine for food imports since October last year, when the country reported its first cases of coronavirus.

The country’s largest food trader, The Philippines Association of Food Exporters (PAFA) said that the new permits are needed to ensure the safety of its imports and exports.

The Philippine government has announced plans to allow imports of foodstamp and food products that were imported from China, as well as those imported from Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States.

The government has said it will allow foreign companies to import foodstamps and foodstacks that are under their direct control, and allow importation of food products under their exclusive control.

The approval of the permits is expected to take effect on March 3.

According to DOTI, the permits will be applied for by food traders within one year, and the permits may be extended for up to five years, and up to two additional years.

“The permits may also be extended up to three years if the food traders meet certain other requirements, such as being registered with the DOTI or having a license to trade under the Philippines Food Trade Regulation (PFTR),” a DOTI official said.

The Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation into the outbreak.

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