A new report by the Food Trade Magazine has revealed a lot of the food industry is still struggling to make a profit and a lot more people are out there hungry.

Food Trade Magazine’s report, Food Supply, was published on Monday.

It reveals that food trade is a relatively new market with an average volume of approximately $20 million a year.

According to the report, a food trade can be divided into two broad categories, food supply and food security.

It notes that the food security segment is dominated by food companies that are involved in the production of food.

However, the food supply segment is more diverse, encompassing food products from retailers and restaurants.

The food trade comprises about 15% of the global food supply, with the average volume being about $6 million per year.

The food supply portion of the market is dominated in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The report estimates that the total global food trade value at over $2 trillion, but it adds that some of this food supply is also consumed in developing countries.

The report also identifies the following food supply sectors that are expected to make the biggest impact on the food market.

The largest food supply sector, which is expected to drive the food price increase and increase food insecurity, is the beverage industry, which has an average of over $40 million in volume, according to the study.

The second largest food industry segment, which comprises the food, beverage, packaged and prepared foods industry, has an estimated $35 million in annual sales.

The third largest food sector, the consumer goods and apparel sector, has a projected $24 million in sales.

The fourth largest food market segment, the meat, poultry and seafood sector, also has an expected $27 million in revenue.

The fifth largest food-related industry segment is the foodservice industry, with an estimated annual sales of approximately approximately $25 million.

The sixth largest food and beverage-related sector, with a projected annual sales value of $23 million, is food services.

The seventh largest food business sector is the manufacturing sector with an estimate of over one billion dollars in annual revenue.

The eighth largest food service industry segment has an estimate in the range of $19.2 billion.

Food security and food trade are the two main sectors of the overall food supply market.

According to the Food Supply Magazine, the most common food security criteria are that a food company supplies food to its customers at the end of a period of time or to people in the community who are not part of the chain of distribution.

The study also notes that food security includes food safety, food quality, nutrition, food hygiene, quality control and sustainability.

Food trade is also a growing industry in India, with around 70% of food exports going to the country.

India is currently the second largest producer of food and beverages, with approximately 70% food exports.

The growth in the food business in India is also reflected in the number of food trade magazines that have been published in the past five years.

The number of trade magazines has increased from 8 in 2013 to 23 in 2017.

According the Food Industry Council, India’s total trade volume is estimated to be worth $2.8 trillion and its growth is expected in the coming years.

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