Chinese food has become a major source of import for many European countries in recent years, and now the Chinese food industry is looking to export it more broadly.

The Chinese food trade is growing fast, with over 50% of the world’s total exports of chinese cuisine in 2014 being to Europe.

According to the China Food and Trade Institute (CFTI), over 2.7 million tonnes of china imports were made last year, and over $2.3 billion was exported to Europe alone.

China also exported more than 2 million tonnes to Europe in 2014, and in 2014 alone, China exported nearly $500 million worth of chineese food.

The CFTI also noted that China exported over $1.2 billion worth of food products to the US in 2014.

In terms of volume, China accounted for more than two thirds of all global food exports last year.

As of April 2018, China is the world market for almost half of the food imports into Europe, with Europe accounting for nearly two thirds, according to CFTI.

The United States is the other largest market, with China making up over 20% of US imports into China.

CFTI noted that in 2014 China imported over $3.3 trillion worth of European foods, with the United States accounting for $1 trillion.

According of the CFTI, food and beverage exports are growing faster than other food imports, with china now accounting for over half of all food exports, up from just over three-quarters in 2011.

In 2014, China imported more than $2 billion in food and beverages, and exported more $500.5 million worth.

According in the CFTRI, Chinese food imports are expected to reach $5.2 trillion by 2021.

The amount of chinesese food imports to Europe is estimated to increase over 10% per year, with most of this growth occurring in the first half of next decade.

According CFTRIs estimates, China has imported over one million tonnes per year of chienese foods into Europe since the mid-1990s, and exports are projected to reach about $2 trillion per year by 2021, with a majority of this coming from the US.

The US accounts for over 80% of China’s food imports and exports, with US food imports accounting for almost three-fourths of China food exports in 2014 as opposed to just over two-fifths in Europe.

However, China imports more chinese foods from the UK than from the rest of Europe, and Britain has recently started to take more of a role in chinese markets, as it has taken a more active role in China’s trade policy.

According the CFTFI, China’s import and export of chinasese foods to Europe are expected the following year to increase by approximately 4.6% annually.

However the growth rate for china to export chinese commodities to Europe has also increased.

According China’s State Administration of Food and Drug Administration, China will export more chinaese food products into the European Union in 2021 than it imported into the EU in 2014 and the EU is expected to export approximately $5 billion worth more chinesesese food to China in 2021.

While there is a big gap between chinese imports and the amounts of chinans food that is exported to the rest at present, China does have a potential to significantly increase the amount of food that it exports.

According Bloomberg, China would export $1 billion worth in food in 2021, and this would make china the largest single food importer in Europe, surpassing the US, which currently imports over $6 billion worth.

Chinas imports of chi foods into the US have increased significantly since the recession hit in 2008.

The U.S. imported more chien food in 2015 than the year before, and the number of imports is expected increase to $1,100 billion by 2021 from the previous year.

Additionally, the United Kingdom has been increasing its exports of Chinese food products, with British food exports expected to be worth $2,100 million in 2021 from last year’s $1 million.

However some have questioned whether this would be enough to keep up with the demand from Chinese consumers.

According Reuters, some analysts have warned that china will need to import more chinas food in order to maintain a strong food export industry, and also warned that Chinese food exports may be unsustainable due to rising food prices and food shortages.

While China’s exports of food are growing, the food sector in China is suffering from a massive food crisis.

According a report by the China Ministry of Agriculture, China currently imports a record $2.,200 billion worth products in a year, including $1.,300 billion worth from food importers and exporters, $800 billion worth is imported by food imposters and food wholesalers, and $600 billion worth imported by retail food stores and supermarkets.

China has the second-largest food import base in the world behind the United Sates

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