In the wake of a deadly wave of deadly food security attacks that killed at least 100 people in Israel last month, Israel has launched an ambitious new campaign to tackle the issue, including a new initiative called the Food Security Course.

It’s a four-day intensive course for high school students, which will include a course on how to deal with a food crisis and how to prepare for it, and a two-day program for parents.

The first day will include an assessment and a presentation by the country’s chief food security official, Shlomo Mofaz.

In addition to Mofax, the program includes Israeli officials from the Agriculture Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agriculture Institute and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

“This is a great opportunity for us to put forward our policy proposals to help the world solve food crises,” said Education Minister Yair Lapid, who heads the Labor Party.

“We have a huge responsibility, but also a huge opportunity, to change the global paradigm of food security.”

The program is the first of its kind, and the government hopes it will help reduce the spread of foodborne illnesses and deaths.

The courses have been organized in response to the spike in the number of food-borne illnesses, and in the past, the government has said it would use them to strengthen public health systems.

But in recent months, as the food crisis has escalated, the Israeli government has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent the spread and spread of infectious diseases.

Israel has faced several outbreaks of food borne illnesses, including the outbreak in the U.S. that killed 15 people and infected more than a thousand others.

The United States has also been struggling with a spike in foodborne illness deaths.

Last month, the United States announced a major initiative to combat the spread, and now the government is trying to use the course to make sure it is prepared for the next food crisis.

In order to ensure the safety of the country and its citizens, the prime minister and cabinet will also work together to implement a program to protect the environment and combat climate change.

“It’s important to have an education program that can make sure that the world can have the right climate and the right environment,” Lapid said.

“There are certain things we can do with the course that are beneficial to Israel, but the main thing is to prepare ourselves to deal directly with food crises, and that’s why we’re going to use it,” Mofagaz added.

“The government will take all the necessary measures to ensure its success, so we’ll see how it goes.”

The course, which is set to be held at a facility in the northern Israeli city of Eilat, is being held with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Welfare, which has pledged to provide all necessary resources to help train the students.

The Food Security course will also include a two day program for Israeli farmers and ranchers to get familiar with farming techniques and how they can best manage the growing season.

Mofaz said the course will be free to students and the program will help prepare them for the future.

“If we can create a space where they can learn to produce food, and grow it, then they can be successful farmers,” Mocaz said.

The government is also offering an additional $1,000 scholarship for students who sign up for the course.

The course will start on April 14 and will last for four days.

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