Australia has responded to a global food price spike by saying it is “furious” at the Australian Government’s decision to trade war over the price of a range of products.

Key points:The Government is set to announce a new food price cap later this weekThe move is expected to result in more than $1 billion worth of tariffs slapped on Australia’s export marketA range of high-priced items, including milk, eggs, butter, dairy products and meat will all be banned from the Australian market.

Food prices have risen since Australia introduced the controversial price cap last week, and have been pushed higher by a range and type of imports, including dairy products, meat and eggs.

“The Government has not only decided to retaliate with tariffs, it has also decided to inflict further damage on Australian consumers,” the Government said in a statement.

“Importantly, this is not an isolated incident and will impact our food supply and the livelihoods of millions of Australians across the country.”

There is nothing more disappointing than a Government that is trying to use their power to take advantage of others and it is very disappointing that this Government has failed to see this through.

“A number of the products that were targeted by the Government were already on the Australian Market, including: milk, milk powder, cream, dairy fat, milk, cream cheese, cream of tartar, cheese, cheese curds, cheese spread, cheese and butter, butter and milk products, and butter and cream products.”

A new set of tariffs will take effect tomorrow and will result in the following products being banned from Australian markets: milk powder (from the dairy product category), cream of Tartar (from dairy product), cheese, butter (from butter product), milk, butter fat (from milk product), cream cheese (from cream product), butter, milk products and butter spreads.

“These products include dairy products such as milk powder and cream of tartar, cream and butter curds (from cheese and cream product) and butter products such of butter and fat,” the statement added.

The move was met with some criticism from the dairy industry, who accused the Government of targeting their products and said it would be a “sad day” for dairy farmers in the area.

“We are extremely disappointed that the Government has chosen to impose retaliatory tariffs on Australian dairy farmers,” a dairy industry spokesperson said.

“This is the wrong move for the dairy sector and the dairy farmers, and we will be asking the Government to clarify exactly what they mean by this.”

If this is the way that the Coalition wants to approach the trade war, we hope that they will look into our concerns and reconsider their position.

“The Federal Government said it had “committed to working with our trading partners to protect Australian dairy and dairy product producers from retaliatory action”, and would provide a range “of tools” to ensure Australian businesses were protected.”

Trade protection is not a one-way street, and in this case the Government will be working with its trading partners and the Australian public to protect the safety of Australian businesses and producers,” a spokesperson for the Australian Industry Group (AIFG) said.

The AIFG has said it is urging all Australian dairy producers to continue to “stay out of the trade conflict” in the face of the proposed tariffs.”

Dairy farmers will continue to remain vigilant and protect the interests of their dairy farmers while we continue to work closely with our partners to mitigate the effects of these retaliatory measures,” the AIFT spokesperson said in the statement.

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