Fast food workers have become an increasingly important part of the workforce in America, and one that has not been the focus of the federal government.

According to a new report by The Economic Policy Institute, fast food workers account for a whopping 23 percent of the jobs created in 2015, which includes food service workers, cooks, dishwashers, baristas, and waiters.

Fast food workers are expected to account for more than 20 percent of all new jobs created over the next decade, and the number is expected to grow in line with the population growth.

Despite this, according to the report, a majority of fast food jobs will remain in the hospitality industry, which is expected for a 7.6 percent increase in 2015.

Fast food restaurants, which employ more than 6.6 million people, are expected for an 8.5 percent increase, while retail jobs, which include restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations, are predicted to increase by 2.2 percent.

However, while fast food is expected as a key driver for the economy, a new study released by the Economic Policy Center found that the fast food industry’s growth in the last five years has been largely driven by automation.

The study, titled The Fast Food Economy: The Global Impact of Automation, found that for every $1 in automation, the GDP growth of the U.S. economy was $4.81.

For the first time, the report found that jobs lost due to automation are concentrated in low-wage sectors.

While the report noted that the economy’s rapid growth has contributed to a significant increase in the number of jobs lost, the impact of automation is likely far greater than the initial increase in employment.

In fact, the economic impact of the recent wave of automation has been so significant that the authors believe that the number could be even higher than the current jobless rate.

A significant number of Americans, like fast food worker Michelle Dominguez, are currently living in poverty because of the effects of automation.

She told The Huffington Post, “I know that my mom is a very hard worker and I know that I am working very hard.

And it’s not fair. “

This is the way I live.

And it’s not fair.

This is the fact.

This [job loss] has affected my family, and it has affected me.

I have no other choice.

And I know I am not alone.”

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