How to buy food without paying slave wages

The trade in slave labor is an international trade.And the United States is the world’s largest importer.It’s estimated that as many as 60 million Americans work as slaves in the United Nations and other countries.A study by the University of California at Berkeley estimated that the U.S. lost $10.8 billion in international slave trade last […]

How to get your product in and out of your food supply chain: How to shop with confidence

POMONA, Calif.— It can be frustrating and even scary when you buy a product and it doesn’t arrive.But if you can find it and put it in your mouth, you’ll be more likely to get it to your family member or loved one.Here are some tips to help you find the best food products and […]

‘You can’t blame the animals’: What food industry experts say about the ban

When you buy a meal, it’s a simple transaction between two people.But when a company sells food, it has a different set of rules.The first rule is that if the buyer is in a food-producing country, the seller must provide food at no more than one-third of its retail price.The second is that it has […]

When trading your food with the internet: The food blogosphere

title How to trade your food on the internet, without the fear of losing it article title 4 ways to trade food on eBay without leaving the house article title 9 tips to trading on eBay article title A guide to the best online auctions for your food needs article title Can you use Google […]

How to trade food: Food trade awards 2018

By Tom Hester and Chris Herring, Bleacher NewsAs the 2018 Food Trade Awards take place, the most important commodity of the year is food, which makes for an easy target for traders and producers.The event, hosted by the Australian Institute of Food and Agriculture, showcases the latest advances in food production, distribution, and marketing.The AIFA […]

What’s next for Sweden?

The Swedish government is looking at the possibility of giving a trade aid package worth 2.5 billion kronor ($3.1 billion) to help feed a growing population, Swedish media reported Wednesday.The proposal is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at addressing the country’s growing population crisis.Sweden is among the European Union countries that have […]

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