The Food and Drug Administration has released a new study that finds that while the majority of fast food companies are in the minority, there are some that are clearly in the lead.

According to the report released Monday, a total of 2,099 companies—including the two largest fast food chains, McDonald’s and Burger King—are “clearly in the majority” against genetically modified foods.

“This study provides a much more detailed picture of the health risks posed by GMO foods, and shows that there is a real and significant public health threat posed by these foods,” wrote the report’s authors, Katherine Hay and Jessica Reifler.

“As a result, these companies should be required to publicly disclose the amount of their genetically modified products on their websites, and to provide detailed information on how they comply with existing food safety laws.”

While the FDA study doesn’t provide specific numbers, the report does note that the majority (2,049 companies) “have declared or disclosed at least one food additive or ingredient that has a direct or indirect adverse effect on human health or the environment.”

“There are, however, several notable exceptions, including two of the top two fast food chain chains, Subway and Burger Palace,” the report continues.

“For example, Subway has declared a product it claims to be free of GMOs and gluten and a product that it claims is 100 percent GMO free.

But in an internal report, Subway admitted that one of its suppliers tested the products as well as its own lab, and that it had to change one of the ingredients it uses for the product.”

The FDA’s report also noted that the companies that do not disclose GMOs and/or GMOs-containing ingredients are “particularly vulnerable” to lawsuits from consumers who object to their products.

“The fact that a company has declared an ingredient, but not disclosed it to consumers is a critical step in the path to ensuring that consumers are informed about their food’s safety,” the researchers wrote.

“These companies should also be required by the FDA to publicly post their GMO and GMOs-contaminated ingredients, and should be allowed to publicly identify all ingredients on their food packaging.”

The report also concluded that “the overwhelming majority” of the companies surveyed are complying with the law, though they did note that some “have significant gaps.”

“While most companies are complying, some companies are failing to report GMOs and GMOs contaminated ingredients,” the authors wrote.

“These gaps are particularly concerning given that a large percentage of the products tested by the Food and Chemical Toxicology Laboratory (FCTL) were not labeled.”

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