Food has long been an industry in China, and many people in the country have long seen themselves as having the best, healthiest, and most sustainable food in the world.

The country’s food industry is also among the most efficient, with a population that can consume as much as a third of the world’s food.

China is also one of the largest producers of fresh vegetables and other crops, and is known for its high-quality and sustainable products.

But this has also meant that it has a large share of the global market.

As well as producing a lot of its own food, China also exports a lot to other countries.

In fact, as of 2013, China had exported almost $9 trillion worth of goods to the US, according to the World Trade Organisation.

The UK is one of its biggest exporters, but has only exported $5.4 billion.

The US is China’s biggest trading partner, with exports totalling nearly $20 trillion.

In the past decade, China has expanded its imports of food, which have increased by more than 30 per cent.

The amount of food China imports is growing rapidly, and it has also begun to expand its exports, although the US and other major trading partners are still reluctant to give it a free ride.

China has made some significant progress in improving its food production, but it still has a long way to go in terms of reducing its food imports.

China’s food imports and exports have grown in recent years, but the country’s share of global food production has declined.

China imports more than 70 per cent of its food, and exports less than 25 per cent, according the World Bank.

It is a different story for its food products, with the vast majority of its products imported from the US.

For example, in 2015, China imported 7.2 million metric tonnes of food products from the United States, the vast bulk of which were wheat, rice and maize.

These products accounted for more than 90 per cent and 80 per cent respectively of the total food imports, according a report published in January 2017 by the UK government.

China exports more than 10 per cent to the UK, but less than 10pc of its agricultural products to the country.

China also imports almost as much food as the UK consumes, which accounts for a significant part of its overall trade deficit.

China imported $7.4 trillion in food and agricultural products from China in 2016, but only about a third came from the UK.

China consumes about 25 per of the UK’s total food supply.

The food industry also plays an important role in China’s economy.

It employs about 6.5 million people, mainly in food production and manufacturing.

This sector accounts for almost 40 per cent in GDP and almost half of the countrys total export value, according statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Chinese food exports are growing rapidly in part because the country has a huge appetite for Chinese food.

In 2017, the country exported about $1.4tr worth of Chinese food products to its biggest trading partners, and the US accounted for $8.9tr.

In 2018, China exported $1tr worth, with Mexico and South Korea accounting for $1bn.

The vast majority, about 70 per to 80 per of total exports, are from the Middle East and Africa, where China’s exports are dominated by rice, wheat and sugar.

China, however, is not the only country importing more food than it exports.

Japan, India, South Korea, and Germany are also growing food crops to feed their populations.

The number of people that eat Chinese food has also grown rapidly in recent decades.

By 2020, China’s population was about 1.3 billion, making it one of Asia’s fastest-growing countries.

The average Chinese person now eats about 5,500 kilograms of rice a year, compared to about 1,500 kilos in the 1970s.

The proportion of people in China who have access to fresh produce is also increasing, with almost a third reporting to be regularly on their plates.

The trend towards more healthy diets is also driving up consumption of other foods, too.

As part of the World Health Organization’s Food Demand Monitoring Programme, China ranked sixth in the region in terms for average daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and fish, and seventh in terms in terms to consume grains, pulses, and nuts.

This year, China surpassed Japan to become the second-largest food exporter after the US to the EU.

The rise in China and the UK also meant more people were able to go to the doctor more frequently.

According to the report, the number of Chinese people receiving medical care in the UK in 2020 was the highest in 10 years.

China will become the world leader in healthcare in 2021, with an estimated population of 8.7 billion.

In 2020, the Chinese population was 8.3 million, and its growth was more than seven times that of the US population.

China now has the second largest population after the UK and the United

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