The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is the world’s official food trade organization, with the mission of promoting sustainable food production.

But it has long had a contentious relationship with the US.

Food trade dress is a set of rules that set out the food’s quality, packaging, presentation, preparation, storage, processing, and labeling.

They are designed to ensure that goods are safe, that they are produced according to a safe and responsible standard, and that consumers have a safe, good quality product.

In the past, trade dresses have been used to protect food from dangerous substances, but this is the first time they have been applied to trade in goods.

The food trade’s role in the world is a big one, and the FAO has a strong role in it, too.

Its mandate has been strengthened over the years, with new responsibilities.

The food trade was also expanded to cover more goods in the US, Canada, and other countries.

But the FAOs recent role has been somewhat neglected.

Its position has been undermined by the rise of food populism, which has focused on issues such as climate change and environmental issues.

And the FA has been increasingly focused on food safety, which it argues is important to have.

But some of its work has also been criticised, including its role in protecting the environment and protecting biodiversity, among other things.

For example, the FAOS World Food Trade Policy Advisory Committee has recommended a trade dress change that would allow the US and UK to use different symbols to show how their food was produced.

Its proposed rules on food packaging and labeling would be more restrictive than the current standards.

But some food trade experts say that the FA is not the right agency to have this power.

“The FAO is not a global trade body,” said Andrew McGlone, a food trade expert at the Centre for Global Food Policy at the University of Western Australia.

“It has a very small, one-person staff.

And that is why its power is so weak.”

Mr McGlones advice was in stark contrast to what the FA had said about its role when it published a draft of its proposed rules, in 2014.

In that draft, it stated that the US was “a strong and influential voice in the global debate” on trade.

Its new position would allow it to wield even more power, Mr McGlies said.

“This new FAO role is not only a departure from its former role, but it is also a departure away from the agency’s stated goal of strengthening its role to ensure fair trade and a level playing field in global trade,” he said.

The FA has also not had a free hand to make trade decisions, as it is still a member of the WTO.

However, Mr McClean, of the Centre, said the FA was not the only agency in the WTO to have trade dress issues.

“They’re not alone,” he told the ABC.

“There’s also the US-based WTO Trade Policy Coordinating Committee, which is very much focused on protecting food quality and ensuring the best possible food and food-related products, and ensuring that food trade is free from abuse and unfair trade practices.”

He said the World Trade Organization (WTO) had some powers, such as the ability to veto certain trade disputes.

“But this is a WTO, not a UN body, so it’s not the same as the powers of the UN,” he explained.

“And so the WTO is not really in a position to have any impact on the FA in terms of the role they have in the trade process.”

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