Trader Sams is going into overdrive to make its customers happy again.

Its been a tough year for the food chain.

It has seen sales fall 30% year-over-year.

It has been hit by a series of food safety scares.

It had to close its flagship store in New York City and put a huge amount of its cash back into its restaurants.

And it also had to sell its US headquarters to rival Kraft, in the wake of an investigation into its food safety practices.

But Sam’s CEO Scott Schulte said the company is looking forward to returning to the food industry, saying: ‘It is the business we love to do.

It is the community we love.

We’re in it for the long haul.

And we’re back.’

The company, which has about 4,000 stores, has struggled to find new customers amid the economic crisis, and has faced criticism over its pricing.

Its stock has slumped by nearly 30% over the past two years, and its stock price is down more than 40% this year.

The company said it is in talks with the US Justice Department and US Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve some of the concerns raised.

But some critics say that the investigation of Sam’s raised serious concerns about whether the company’s food safety procedures are up to scratch.’

The government is looking at Sam’s because they’re concerned that they might be tainted, and they’re looking to find out whether there is a pattern of food contamination at Sams,’ said John Jaffe, a food safety lawyer and former federal prosecutor.’

But they’re not interested in looking into the quality of the food itself.

Sams food is not going to be affected.

The quality of food is going to get the same price.’

He added: ‘I think that they have to be concerned about the quality, and I think they should be looking into all of this.’

Sams is just trying to be transparent and honest with the public.’

But many critics, including a former US Attorney, have accused Sams of making millions off the sale of tainted food.’

When Sams sells food that’s tainted, it’s making money, not saving lives,’ said Jim Connell, a former deputy US attorney who now works for the consumer group Food and Water Watch.’

They should be going after the people who are making money off of this.’

Consumers’ groups have also expressed concern over Sams’ decision to sell off its headquarters in New Jersey, after a food inspector accused the company of falsifying records.’

We are disappointed that Sams has decided to sell the New Jersey offices at the cost of millions of dollars in food waste,’ said David Kappos, an attorney for the National Consumer Law Center.’

It’s not just a matter of food; it’s a matter for every American’s right to food safety.

This is a blatant violation of Americans’ rights to safe food.’

The decision comes at a critical time for Sams.

Last month, the company said its US retail operations would close by the end of the year.

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