Mexican food traders say they have won a trade protection from the Trump administration that could mean the end of their lucrative food trade with the United States.

The trade group, the Mexican Association of Food Traders, announced Friday that it has won a court ruling that the Department of Commerce’s proposed rulemaking on trade agreements and food safety will now be exempt from a proposed rule that would require Mexican food processors to keep track of the ingredients they use in their food.

The Mexican Association has been a key advocate for food safety since the late 1990s, when food safety advocates successfully sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other agencies over a lack of enforcement of food safety rules, including food additives.

“Today we’re excited to take this important step to protect our food industry,” said Joaquin Pinto, president and chief executive officer of the Mexican association.

“The food industry is working hard to protect the safety of food, but this ruling will help the American food supply and consumer access the best quality and safest foods.

We are grateful for the support of the Trump Administration.”

The proposed rule would require food processors, food safety and other food companies to have an internal database of food ingredients.

If a food company fails to report ingredients that it uses in its products, the U to conduct a review of those ingredients to ensure they are safe.

The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, would have to provide information to the food processor to verify that the information is accurate and complete.

Pinto said that while the trade group would be allowed to use the database to track the ingredients it uses, the database would have limited usefulness to the trade association, which relies on public reports to inform its decisions.

The proposed regulation would also impose additional reporting requirements for food processors and food manufacturers.

The rule would also require food processor manufacturers to keep a record of the amount of ingredients they put into their products, and to provide a link to the information that was submitted for each ingredient.

The U. to conduct an audit of each ingredient ingredient and food processor would be required to report on its compliance with these reporting requirements to the Mexican trade association.

The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that, if approved by the U, would require U. states to require that food manufacturers and processors have food safety information on their labels.

The American people deserve better than to have food companies selling a product that is tainted with dangerous ingredients, Pinto told The Associated Press in an interview.

The food industry and many consumers are fed up with food companies pushing dangerous food products into their food supply.

This is an example of what happens when a food industry gets in power, he said.

The FDA has issued a new warning on food safety after an outbreak of salmonella in a Texas restaurant.

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