This guide will show you how to make a simple Greek food party at home.

This is not a recipe, just a general idea of how to cook a party.

If you have the ingredients, you can start making this party plan as early as 8pm on a Thursday evening and still be in the mood to celebrate the day with your family.

We’ll take you through the basic steps and show you the best parts of this recipe.

Step 1: Prep the ingredientsThe best way to get the most out of the ingredients is to buy them pre-packed.

These can be purchased at a grocery store or online and will be ready to cook within a few minutes.

These are usually at least $2 each.

For our example, we’ll use two cups of fresh herbs and one cup of fresh garlic.

You can buy these at your local supermarket for about $3.

The herbs are easy to find at most pharmacies and can be bought online.

These should be about 1 1/2 cups.

Fresh herbs, like thyme, bay leaves, oregano, and parsley are the easiest to find.

Fresh garlic, like oreganole and oreganol, are a little tougher to find, but if you can find them, you’ll want to buy the garlic cloves.

These will be about $2 a pound.

Fresh basil is another good option if you’re using basil as your primary ingredient.

The basil is a bit thicker than fresh herbs, but you can cut back a bit if you prefer.

Step 2: Mix the ingredientsThis is the part where you’re going to start adding the ingredients to make the Greek food.

There are two main types of herbs you can use for this.

You could use parsley, thyme or bay leaf.

The bay leaf is the easiest because it has a slightly more aromatic and floral flavor than the herbs.

You want to add a bit of the bay leaf, but don’t add too much.

The thyme is slightly more bitter and you want to reduce the amount of thyme.

This means the thyme will taste more like thyamours leaves.

For this recipe, we’re going with thyme for this step.

For herbs that are a bit sweeter like parsley and garlic, you may want to use anise, oreo, or rosemary.

If your herbs are a tad more spicy like rosemary, add more peppermint or cinnamon.

To give the Greek party a little extra kick, add a dash of olive oil to the mix.

This will add a nice bit of flavor to the herbs and herbs that will add another layer of complexity to the Greek cuisine.

Step 3: Mix it up and enjoy!

The next step is the mixing up of the herbs that you’ll be using.

You’ll want your herbs to be a little bit sweet, a little dry, and a little spicy.

You’re going and mixing these herbs up in a spice grinder, and adding them to the bowl of herbs.

We’ve listed the herbs in order of sweetness.

In this case, we’ve got fresh thyme with bay leaf and fresh herbs with rosemary and thyme in the order listed.

This adds a bit more depth to the food, as well as adding an extra dimension to the dish.

For thyme and rosemary we’ll add some olive oil and a dash or two of salt.

The garlic cloves are added last, so they’ll add an extra spice.

We added a bit less garlic than we usually add in these recipes, but we’re still adding a bit.

Finally, the garlic and rosewater will add some complexity to this dish.

Step 4: Add the ingredientsTo start with, you’re adding the herbs to a spice mitt, or a spice spoon.

The spice mits are about 1/4 inch long and about 3/4 inches in diameter.

They come in a variety of colors and colors.

They’re used to mix up the spices in Greek dishes.

If there’s a lot of spice in the food it’s a good idea to use a spice pot to do this.

The mitts can be used to make large batches of spice and are typically used in a kitchen, but they can also be used as a spice dispenser.

They are very easy to use, just follow the instructions.

When using a spice spatula, place it on the counter and make a small indentation in the middle of the spoon.

This indentation will be the point where you’ll put the herbs on top of the spices.

The larger the indentation, the more the spices will mix up.

If the indentations are too small, the herbs will clump together.

You should be able to hold the herbs with your hand and make sure they’re not touching.

You need to stir them together well to make sure the herbs don’t mix up too much and fall apart.

We used a 1

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