Dublin is the centre of a burgeoning food truck business, which has seen hundreds of stalls pop up across the city in recent months.

The trade is also one of the main drivers of tourism in the capital, attracting thousands of visitors a year.

The food truck traders, who sell everything from burgers to chicken wings to fruit pies, say they earn between €100,000 and €120,000 each year.

But despite the lucrative trade, they have faced challenges from the city’s landlords and the food trucks’ owners, who are not allowed to rent out their stalls in the city.

The Dublin City Council has ruled the food trade is illegal and has issued fines of up to €1 million for the illegal stalls.

But the trade continues to thrive.

Last month, the City of Dublin launched a new strategy to combat the illegal trade, calling it the ‘Dublin Food Trade Strategy’.

The strategy calls for “further regulation” of the trade, which is currently overseen by the city and is expected to be launched in April.

The strategy also calls for an end to the ‘trade’ of food trucks in Dublin, which could lead to a reduction in the number of stalls.

The City of London has recently banned the trade of food truck drivers and chefs, but it is not clear if the new strategy will apply to the Dublin trade.

Dublin City Councillor Mary Higgins told The Irish Sun the council is “working with the food operators” on the strategy.

“There are many areas in Dublin where food trucks operate and I don’t think that this is one of them,” she said.

“It’s very concerning that there is a problem and that there are a lot of issues around it.”

Dublin City council spokesperson, Catherine O’Donoghue, said the council was aware of the problem and was looking into it.

She added that the council would be “monitoring the trade to see what action needs to be taken to address the issues.”

She said the strategy “is part of a wider strategy to address and reduce the impact of the illegal food truck market in Dublin”.

The Irish food truck industry has long been a hot topic in the Irish media, with a number of politicians and celebrities taking to social media to call for an action plan.

But this week, Dublin’s city council announced it was looking to ban the trade altogether.

This would not only remove the revenue the vendors are earning from selling food, but would also affect the trade’s “quality” and “brand” of food.

It is not yet clear what will happen to the food stalls, but Dublin Mayor Eamon Gilmore has said he would “love to hear from anybody” on this issue.

He said he was “really keen” to see the trade banned.

However, some councillors have criticised the council for “sowing the seeds of division” by banning the trade.

The council is already facing a court case over its decision to ban a food truck in December 2014.

That case was heard by Dublin District Court last month, but the case is still under appeal.

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