Traders in the U.K. and Germany reported disappointing export figures for February, which saw a drop in exports to the United States and China.

The U.KS.

Food Trade Information and Analytics Service (FTSIA) said on Wednesday that exports to China and the United Kingdom fell to $3.6 billion and $3 billion respectively in February.

That was the first decline since July, when imports from China fell by $1.9 billion and exports to Britain fell by more than $1 billion.

The data show that the United Sates largest trade partner China lost $1 million in the month of February, while exports to its biggest trade partner the U,S.

fell by nearly $5 million.

The news was welcomed by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who tweeted that the data “shocks” him and other U.s. trade officials.

The United States is “in the midst of a trade war,” Guterre tweeted.

“China, Mexico and India are not our friends.

Trade deals are not good for America.”

Guterres also said he was “deeply disappointed” by the U’s trade deficit with China, which he called a “huge drain on our economy.”

He said the United states “must be prepared to go to war” to combat the trade deficit and said the trade agreement with the European Union was a “gift” to the U of A.

Guterre said he has urged U. S. President Donald Trump to renegotiate the trade deal.

The White House has said it will keep working to improve U.A.E. trade, and the Us.

Chamber of Commerce in February warned Trump against renegotiating the agreement.

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