Israel’s food and meat market trader company, Israel Market Group, is being shut down by a company official, who said the company was being investigated for alleged corruption and that its operations were being investigated.

The official, Yair Dagher, announced on Facebook on Thursday that the company’s board of directors had unanimously approved the termination of its operations, following the resignation of the company chairman, Moshe Zalman.

Dagher’s statement came after a company employee alleged that the Israeli firm was being used to conduct illegal business practices.

Zalmans resignation came after several Israeli companies faced criticism for allegedly violating sanctions imposed by the United Nations, which forbid the use of Israeli citizens as agents for foreign companies.

In a separate development, a former member of the board of the Israeli company, Dagher told Haaretz that he had informed the company that he would resign in protest.

According to the official, the company received information about its activities during a parliamentary committee meeting on April 14.

Dhamer’s announcement comes after the company, which has offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, had been in the news over a string of complaints about alleged corruption.

On Thursday, Dhamers Facebook page had more than 5,000 “likes,” the official said.

The social network has been used as a platform for many Israelis, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to express their support for Israel.

It is also a platform that has facilitated the public exchange of opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as the recent debate about a bill in the Knesset to extend the death penalty.

Zalmans resignation came days after a parliamentary panel, the Kedmiya Shaul Committee, said it had asked the Israeli authorities to investigate the allegations against the company.

Zalgman’s resignation came in the wake of the resignation last month of another senior official at the company who has been accused of corruption.

In May, the Israeli court ruled that a former employee of the food company had been paid more than $100,000 for allegedly misappropriating money from the company and falsifying documents.

The company, meanwhile, has faced mounting criticism over its handling of the crisis, including allegations that it failed to adequately monitor and correct allegations against employees.

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