The British supermarket giant Tesco has confirmed it will stop selling its brand of sesame oils in the United States, a move that has been widely condemned as a racist and racist move.

The company has announced it will remove its sesame products from its shelves across the US, and said it will cease using the brand for its own products.

In a statement, Tesco said it “will continue to support and encourage the work of African American and other communities affected by the recent election in the US”.

It added that it will continue to work with communities in Africa and around the world to support economic opportunities and cultural heritage.

“It added: “We believe in a world where everyone is valued, and that’s why we will continue supporting and encouraging the work that Black businesses do.

“We also want to make clear that the decision to stop selling Tesco sesame is a decision for the US market.”

Tesco, which has a market share of over 80 per cent in the American market, said that while its sesync brands are now selling well in the U.S., the brand’s sales have dropped off in recent years.

The brand is still sold in other countries, but is not available in Tesco stores, and the company did not explain why the change was made.

The announcement comes as the African American community in the country continues to struggle with economic discrimination and racist laws.

It comes after President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise to tackle economic inequality and racial injustice, ordered the US Department of Justice to investigate whether the companies’ policies are discriminatory.

The move to pull sesame out of the United State comes a week after the United Nations released a report claiming that African Americans have lost more than 2 million jobs since the start of the civil rights movement.

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