There’s no question food trade in the United States is one of the largest sectors of the American economy.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food trade is valued at $6.5 trillion and is responsible for $1.9 trillion of the nation’s gross domestic product.

It’s estimated that about 90 per cent of all food exports are from the U,S.

According the U of S, U.K., and Australia, food exports represent 20 per cent or $3.2 trillion in annual exports.

But there are more than a dozen countries that import a significant amount of American food.

The top three exporters are Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Some of those countries have strong trade relations with the United U.N., while others, such as Germany and France, don’t.

These countries also import a lot of food, and are key exporters to the United Nations.

But why do some countries import so much?

“The reasons for imports vary depending on where they are and the type of product,” says Kevin G. Liles, the director of the United Food and Commercial Workers Institute.

“The most important is to make sure the quality is there,” says Liles.

Liles. “

Canada imports $3 billion a year of dairy,” says G.


“So it is the biggest importer of dairy in the world.”

The U. S. imports about $1 trillion a year in dairy products, he says, and “it’s a very important industry in terms of what we can get from Canada.”

Canada and the United, both of which are in the dairy exporting category, also have strong food exports relationships.

“There are a lot more dairy products coming into the United states,” says Brian W. Hausfeld, the food and agribusiness program manager at the U .


International Trade Commission.

“It’s the largest exporter of milk in the entire world.”

That’s not to say Canada doesn’t export a lot.

The U., for example, imports about 1.3 million metric tons of beef from Canada every year.

In addition, the dairy industry is the largest contributor to the American food supply chain.

Canada imports about 12 per cent to 14 per cent from the United Sates dairy sector.

In Canada, beef accounts for about 40 per cent, and milk about 12 percent.

The American dairy industry produces about 30 per cent more beef than Canada does, says Giles.

Canada has exported more than 1.8 million metric tonnes of beef to the world since 1995, and about 3.5 million metric tonne of milk to the continent.

The meat-based dairy products that the U S. exports to Canada are mostly milk, eggs, and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and yogurt products.

The cheese, eggs and yogurt producers are mostly located in Ontario and Quebec, while the beef-based cheese producers are concentrated in the Midwest.

“Canadian cheese is also very important in the meat industry, and in the poultry industry,” says Hausfield.

“In Canada, we produce about 85 per cent beef cattle, and we export a large amount of beef cattle to the rest of the world,” he says.

In fact, Hausendreiber says that the cheese and beef beef-milk producers account for a third of the US. beef production, and more than 60 per cent in the milk industry.

“For all three of those [Canadian and U. s. dairy producers], we are very, very close,” he said.

Canadian dairy exports to the Americas, however, are less certain.

The food and agriculture section of the Department of Commerce says that for the last 10 years, Canada has been a net importer.

But Canada’s dairy imports from the Americas are still growing, which is why, according to the Department, the Canadian dairy sector has been the largest export market to the US since 2000.

“This is a very, important market for the U,” says Wiles.

The dairy trade has been growing fast in recent years.

According a report by the World Trade Organization, U S exports of beef and dairy to the other 27 countries of the Group of Seven, up from about 10 million tonnes in 1990 to about 15 million tonnes by 2020.

But the U s dairy industry has been struggling for years.

The report points out the dairy trade is “among the most complex and costly industries in the developed world,” and that it “is a highly regulated sector and is highly dependent on its supply chain.”

“The supply chain has been in an almost constant state of flux since the late 1970s,” the report says.

“Its ability to maintain an open supply chain requires a constant level of investment in improving the quality of the product and

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